Eugène Begarat

Born in the South of France, E. Begarat has often changed his place of residence in order ta modify bis method of painting, each new place forcing him ta question and renew his style.He has therefore mode numerous sojourns in diverse parts of France and places abroad enabling him ta study and assimile a whole weallth of different cultural aspects which he has succeeded in combining and bringing out vividly on his canuoses. Deep light means violent shadows. His process in the construction of his canuoses is therefore built around the latter, the starting point of the painting. He points equally in ails, gouache or acrylic, but if colour remains his main preoccupation, it varies occording ta the technique
His ails are worm, luminous and violent in their contres whereas his gouaches that are more spontaneous are more supple. me artist works on ocre or black backgrounds which moke up the shadows in his compositions, fascinated as he has always been by their changing shapes and indefinable and subdued topes, hence his predeliction for the warm hours ut the end of the afternoon. His canuoses, where intimate scenes of family life are an invitation ta happiness and sensual delight,-his gardens bathed in fading sunlight where children play and young women relax in deep wicker armchairs, are scatterings of summer light contrasting with the mysterious shadows of the setting son.
Here hormany of topes and colours reigns, the perfect balance between shapes and the space that surrounds them…