A poet of painting:

The sweetness and evanescence tones reflect the history of the watercolor artist. However, the bursts of color and gesture offer a lot of energy to this work who likes to recount scenes of life. The characters, sometimes in the foreground, are educated with a vivacity and charming elegance. Frémaux has an ease of writing that allows him to paint all subjects. Whether it’s Venice, Annecy, Amsterdam, Paris … it is mainly the people, here or elsewhere, which are a central concern of this former doctor who is a humanist view of the world. Playing with colored shadows and flashes of light, it consists of hushed atmospheres that feel like the romance. Processing environments is essential to a painter who remains attracted to the fifties, when passers-by took the time to wander and bystanders, that of conversation. Frémaux has preserved the poetic dreams of his childhood. And that’s good!

Thierry Sznytka