Michel Margueray

Michel MARGUERAY was born September 23, 1938 in Landelles, in the Calvados.

Full member of full the arts BAS-Normans full member des Artistes French member of the Salon fine arts national marine personal exhibitions and galleries:

Galerie Fred Becker – Luxembourg Gallery Sutton – New Orleans, USA Gallery Jacques Noury – Tours Gallery j. Hamon – Le Havre Gallery Raugraff – Nancy Gallery Victor Hugo – Saintes gallery the Artcothèque – Granville area Athena – Binic Gallery Josée Gruel – Bayeux Gallery Art comparison – Paris Gallery privilege – Biarritz Gallery Takeda – Tokyo, Japan Gallery Saulx – Place Fleury, Beaune Gallery Sillage – Sauson, Belle Ile in sea Gallery of phonograph – Hotel Dinard

Search truth, reflect the influence of weather, season, time is on the nature, translate the feelings that it provides, its true color, its light and its shadows, as were some of the foundations of the impressionism. I found these foundations in painting of Michel Margueray, painting a high awareness and a great sincerity that wants us to share the emotions of the painter, his love for nature. He succeeds by the delicacy of his brush, blow the soundness of its tone, in other words, by his talent. To do this, Michel Margueray belongs, no doubt, to the great tradition of French painting.

Mark M. Dilleman
Mark Dilleman Fine Arts – London, Broadway, 1993